FMS- Limited Access to Tepper Garage 5/6 12PM-2PM

Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management (FIRM)

Facilities Management & Campus Services


TO:  Shutdown Group, Tepper

FROM:  Service Response Center

DATE:  May 5, 2021

SUBJECT: Limited Access to Tepper Garage 5/6 12PM-2PM  


There will be limited access to and from the Tepper Garage from the Forbes Avenue ramp on Thursday, 5/6, from 12PM (noon) until 2PM.  The limited access is due to a drone being used to explore a water leak on the roof area. 


The area will be blocked off with caution tape, but people can be let in/out of the garage with a slight delay for the landing of the drone.


Please contact CDFD Project Manager, Utkarsh Ghildyal, at or 412-268-8716 with any questions or concerns.




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