FMS- UPDATE – Duquesne Light Riazzi Project Complete

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TO:  Shutdown Group, All Facility Coordinators

FROM:  Service Response Center

SUBJECT: Duquesne Light Project – Providing A Reliable Power Source


Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is making significant investments in infrastructure to ensure resilient power systems and services for CMU and other customers in the Oakland area – including the recent construction of the Riazzi Substation on Boundary Street.  Connecting our campus to the new infrastructure includes a three phase project lasting 25 days that replaces existing high voltage circuits serving CMU with new circuits. 


DLC has coordinated the work to minimize potential disruptions with only momentary power blips at the Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC)  building – no planned disruptions on main campus.  However, the middle phase of the project requires a temporary modification to the configuration of our redundant power connections.  During this eight day period, if there is a utility company power loss on circuits serving main campus, affected buildings will be transferred manually to the redundant circuit.  The manual transfer process will take hours and the building emergency generators will automatically power critical loads.  While the circuits serving the campus are highly reliable and DLC has coordinated the work to avoid unplanned issues, a utility company power loss is always possible and departments should review their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans to account for these potential disruptions. If you need assistance and/or support in reviewing or updating your Plans, please contact  


DLC would like to start the work soon and we anticipate the middle phase in late October.  FMCS will provide details on the timing of the three phases in the near future.


Please send an email to Shannon Wetzel at if you have any questions about the DLC project.