FMS- UPDATE – Posner Hall Elevator Out of Service

UPDATE – The Hall of Arts elevator is available to use while the Posner Hall elevator is out of service.  The HOA elevator provides access to floors A,1 and 2 in Posner Hall.



Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management (FIRM)

Facilities Management & Campus Services


TO:  Shutdown Group, Posner, Elevator Group, Building Access

FROM:  Service Response Center

DATE:  November 22, 2021

SUBJECT: Posner Hall Elevator Out of Service


The Posner Hall elevator is currently out of service due to issues with the hydraulic pump.  An update will be sent when more information is available.


The Equal Opportunities Office and the Office of Disability Resources have been notified and will support individuals if they need alternate arrangements.  Faculty and staff concerns and questions should be directed to La Dawn Robinson (412-268-3930 or ).  Student related concerns and questions should be directed to Catherine Getchell (412-268-6121 or


Please contact Lenny Libbon at 412-268-6148 or email with any questions or concerns regarding this elevator being out of service.



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