Sep 15

FMS- Hamerschlag Drive 8 Hour Closure – Discussion Meeting 9/21 10AM

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TO:  Shutdown Group, Hamerschlag, Roberts, Scott, Doherty, Gates, Wean, Newell Simon, FMS, CIC

FROM:  Service Response Center

SUBJECT: Hamerschlag Drive 8 Hour Closure – Discussion Meeting 9/21 10AM


Duquesne Light is scheduling necessary repairs that require the closure of Hamerschlag Drive for eight hours. 


Hamerschlag Drive is the access road from South Neville that goes under the CIC building and provides vehicle access to Gates Garage and the loading docks for the FMS Building, Newell Simon, Roberts, Wean, Gates, Doherty, and Scott. 


There will be a ZOOM meeting on Tuesday, 9/21, from 10AM-11AM to discuss the schedule for this 8 hour closure . 


Please send an email to Shannon Wetzel at if you would like to be invited to this meeting.