FMS- TCS Hall Pumping System Modifications

Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management (FIRM)

Facilities Management & Campus Services


TO:  Shutdown Group, TCS

FROM:  Service Response Center

DATE:  April 27, 2021

SUBJECT: TCS Hall Pumping System Modifications


On Wednesday, 4/28, beginning at 6:00AM, contractors will be modifying the mechanical pumping system at TCS Hall.  Their work will be limited to the A Level Mechanical Room. 


The data closets in TCS may lose power for the first hour of this shutdown.


We do not anticipate any major disruption to the building temperature. 


This work will be complete by the end of day.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CDFD Project Manager, Mike Kelley, at 412.286.2366 or at



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